Shifting Your Mindset

I am where I am. What I’m living is.
Improving our energy, improves our life down the road. What’s manifesting now, must manifest now because of the result of how you flowed earlier.
I flowed it so now I am living it.
If I flowed it, and I am irritated how I am living it, then I need to stand in the middle of what is and find a way to feel different about what is now.
What will be will change.”
~ Abraham Hicks

One of the biggest asks I have from my clients is for tools and techniques that will help them shift their mindset more rapidly.

What I am surprised with is the multitude of ways the guides suggest just how we can shift our thoughts, emotional and attitude, so if we reaaaally don’t want to sit down and meditate, there are plenty of other options.

Try these on for size next time the willy nilly negative feels come up and see what fits best for you. You might stick with one tried and true practice or play around.

***I also like to a do a check in with myself throughout the day, so I can catch something emerging early on and ‘deal with it’ right away. 

~ Look at Cute Animal Videos or Baby Animal Pics
For reals though… after a few moments of scrolling through, I can’t help but feel delighted.

~ Focus on your Breath
Bring your attention to the natural rise and fall and your breath and feel it come into the body and release, you will feel yourself drop into your body and come back to a place of peace.

~ Ask your Angels for Support
“Thank you angels and guides for showing me what I need to know and letting go of anything and everything that no longer serves me. Thank you for helping me return to a place of peace within my heart and surrender my monkey mind so I can realign to the truth of who I am and make a different choice”

~ Surrender
I have seriously laid in bed and repeated over and over, “I surrender, I surrender, I surrender” and find that it helps me every time.

~ Journal
Write it out. It will help you shift the energy from keeping it all in your head and having an output to write your thoughts in. It will clear up everything that’s been taking space and honour the parts of you that feel scared and want to be heard.

~ Listen to Music or Inspirational Talks
By putting on some of your favourite tunes and getting out of your head, it allows you to shift your vibration more quickly and with ease. Have you ever noticed if you’re really stuck in something the quiet that seems to be around it? You give yourself permission to process through it in a happy way, rather than the serious route it has been taking

~ Dance it out
This normally follows the music piece, though if I am really anchored in, I will force myself to get up and maybe start swaying and from there something seems to move and I will find myself having a full on dance party for one in my living room. To be honest, this one is sometimes hard for me since the seriousness of my belief patterns don’t like to have a full on party. Moving your body in general will help you move through the energies so if the gym or yoga is more your style, do what feels right for you.

~ Get Support
Can anyone say Akashic Record Party?
When I am really stuck in something and I find whatever I am trying isn’t working, I reach out to a friend or book myself in for a session. In truth I know that I am often too close to my really deeply embedded ‘stuff’ and need the support of someone else to help me through it. Whether you see a counsellor, get a massage or go to another type of therapy. Set an intention that you are giving yourself permission to work through it with ease, love and grace and show up. You’re worth it.
Plus I sometimes have to laugh at myself for how ‘in something’ I am, then 20 mins later am laughing and feeling like it was yesterday. Pretty phenomenal stuff.

~ Essential Oils and Smudging
Oils are made from the essence of plants and carry a high vibrational energy. I love to diffuse different scents depending upon my mood. Lavendar is great for relaxation and calm. Citrusy scents help elevate your moods and lighten up the spirit. Woodsy scents (fir is my absolute fav.) bring a source of comfort and warmth and Frankincense is a great overall wellness boost.
If you feel you need a bit more density to clear the energy smudging will be your best friend. Anytime I turn to my Palo Santo, I feel immediately cleansed and cleared out. Sage used to be my go to, though Palo Santo has taken center stage lately for me. Choose what you’e drawn to and which scent smells amazing. Your body knows what you need and neither one is better than the other, all plants are sacred and offer healing.

~ Go Outside and Play
Nature is a natural healer 😉. When you get yourself outside and into an open air environment it almost gives you more room to breathe. If being in a busy public space isn’t very endearing, then go sit amongst the trees. You an always find a little bit of nature, even in a concrete jungle. The plants and trees offer a love of love and support as do pigeons if you’re willing to see it.

Do you have a tried and true practice that always supports you?

I would love to know what it is and add it to my own roster.

Have a beautiful day!



~ Richelle


Following your intuition can be a tricky game, at times you are a full on YES YES YES and in flow and in the know. Each turns feels magical and easy and as though you are walking on clouds. Then you take a turn and follow through and it doesn’t make sense to you.

You start questioning yourself, and doubting the internal push within.

I often find myself in doubt of my intuition when I am not feeling happy and joyful, as if my intuition should lead me to a place of constant happiness. Yet time and time again, I am always supported with what I need and sometimes it’s time to take the space and stay with my emotions and check into my needs.

When I landed in Maui I felt so at peace. I was greeting by my beautiful friend Lindsay who made me feel instantly at home and connected to the Spirit of Maui. We had vibrant and bright conversations that connected my heart to my soul and aligned me to feeling this incredible ease.

When my family arrived, it was another amazing shift. It was fun to explore new areas together and deepen our connection. I loved being able to get there a a few days early so I could make their entrance easier. So when I was guided to stay 3 extra days, there was no doubt in my heart. I mean, what other magic was waiting for me to see and could delight my heart in ways beyond belief?

A heavy sorrow and feelings of intense grief.

As I said goodbye to my family and was driving to my AirBnB, I couldn’t help but feeling something was missing inside of me.  The weather was changing to boot with flash flood warnings as though it was imitating my mood.

I had this image of an awesome retreat up in the jungle with space for me to nestle in with a ton of food to nourish my body and settle into my new groove, content as can be. Yet when I arrived the emotional turmoil flash flooded over me.

Nestled and freezing in my room up above, I felt lost and in a massive amount of doubt that this could be possibly guided for me. Why after spending 2 weeks in bliss must I come crashing down? My heart felt heavy and I was regretting my choice not to leave with the rest of the family.

I snuggled up in bed nursing my cold, watching netflix and craving a warm cuppa tea. (The stove in the kitchen was out of propane, so feeling even more like the comfort was stripped away from me). After reaching out to a friend to request support, I found myself with an early bedtime with the rain and thunder pounding in my heart. Though this house was beautiful, it felt oddly cold and not quite as open as was advertised and as I’d hoped. I’m in a paradise jungle in the quaint area of Haiku, and on a massive 2 acre property that is beautiful too. Yet there’s a part of me that feels that this is so far home, from where I want to be. The part of me that dreamt of escaping on another solo adventure, when I either want to run away and have an urge to see the world, now feels complete.

I want people that I love to be around me. I want to enjoy my journey and experience it with others by my side. It’s become so clear to me now just how important connection and co-creation is.

When I venture off my my own, I want to feel welcome and at home, even if there’s no one around. I want to easily connect with others wherever I go and make deep and meaningful relationships along side. My intention has deepended and changed and I was gifted the opportuinty to see it this way.

Mama Maui has been constantly gifting me the most magnificent days, I think it’s time I start to truly shift how I feel and look at emotions and honour the ebb and flow of each day.

In honour to the beautiful place I chose to end this journey in; I write a Haiku in honour to you,

Presence of Today

My Heart is Open to You

Curating Magic




~ Richelle

Dancing Between the Shadows and the Light

This week I’ve been feeling like I’ve been dancing through realms.

One minute I am up, the next I am down; holding it together to just make it to the car to curl up sobbing with an uncontrollable rage.

I honour this process as I know it’s honouring the parts of me that are triggered and cranky. The parts of me that are looking at my past experiences and fearing they are going to merge into my present. At the drop of a dime, it all floods back in and I am left sitting and crying and putting together the pieces of the puzzle that fell apart.

Though the puzzle never fell apart to being with.

I’m just being offered a new perspective. I’m being shown that the pieces never fit together in the first place and I get to discard them and go out and find the ones that fit.

You see, I have been entered into a back to work program and I feel rushed and pushed through pain that I can barely stand. As someone who has had quite the journey with physical ailments over her life, you’d think I could ‘grin and bare it’ and show up positive and happy.

Though I am worn down, I feel pushed against my natural healing process and quite frankly my teenage rebel is showing up and saying a good ol’ fuck you to the system. I want to do it MY WAY. I don’t want to be commanded and demanded and told what to do.

In addition, my body holds onto the treasures of my soul I don’t want to process or deal with. So when I don’t do my emotional work, she takes it on. It will pop up in stiff muscles, tense shoulders, a gimpy knee or a twisted ankle and leaves my digestive tract a mess. During my recovery, I show up to all the holistic practices to bring her back to health. Though there are two things I haven’t done consistently up to date: exercise and preventive measures.

Ever since I was a kid, I haaated exercise. Don’t get me wrong, I loved playing volleyball and basketball and I could swim for days. Though when it came to doing laps and lanes, drills and sprints I couldn’t stand it. I never felt encouraged to do better or be better, I felt it was demanded of me and if I didn’t show up then I was letting other people down. I never felt encouraged in reaching my personal best, I felt compared and shamed when I didn’t stack up to the other members on my team. We all knew the slow ones were benched.

So anytime I enter a gym, I override my emotional scale. It’s like I’ve stepped through the wardrobe to Narnia and I’m in survival mode. I’m pacing back and forth, focusing mentally on what I have to do and push through. The voices of my coaches start popping up in head and I get stuck in the zone. “Suck it up buttercup! You can do better than that!” “Push yourself!” “One more lap, one more rep, I don’t care if you’re tired, do it!” “Crying won’t get you anywhere!”

I enter a state of pure primal exertion. Doing anything to override the little girl within who is hurting and wants to cry. Yet the teenager doesn’t want to appear weak, she doesn’t want to be judged so she hides it all inside. Pushing, pacing, fighting back that which wants to emerge.

The difference between ‘her’ and me, is that I now know that I need to process this emotion so it shows up as soon as I leave the gym. Yet the learning curve is that I shouldn’t have to shut down this part of myself in this environment. Heck, every yoga teacher I know celebrates it when their students have emotional releases; yet I don’t give myself permission to go there. I gulp it down, hold it back and walk it off.

If I don’t transform this, I will injure myself again. Plain and simple. It’s the behavioural pattern I have run ever since I was a child. I spent more time on crutches than off during my senior years in high school and have no desire to go back there.

So I need to do the emotional work and I need to do it now.

I’m not bringing this forward with a simple step process of how I am working through it. Mainly right now, my process consists of breaking down crying, uncovering what’s beneath this anger and fear and going from there.

I emerge each time feeling lighter and brighter, then it hits again like another tsunami taking everything out of it’s way. Yet this time I get to ride the surf and stay on top; breathing, honouring and releasing. It’s a process. One that I know will pass and one that needs to be honoured now. It’s the dance between the shadows and the light. Constantly shifting, changing and growing. I am never pulled back in, it’s always in forward momentum. Lighting me up and aligning to what I am here to do.

I know more than anyone that we can’t have one without the other.

So why not find beauty in the parts that are hiding too.



~ Richelle


P.S. The image I chose is the view from my bedroom tonight. I was thinking about the shadows within the light and walked into my room only to have my breath taken away from the sparkling light cast between the city and clouds. I love my Angels, they always know how to delight me.

Ode to Pac

Sometimes we spark inspiration in someone without even knowing it.

2pac did this for me.

Music was my vice when I was growing up and at an early age I was already belting out my favourite songs.  I remember spending hours waiting to press record at that perfect moment when my jam came on the radio. I patiently listened with intent to every song and quickly ran to the bathroom during ads not to miss a beat. This was heaven on earth for me; I loved it.

So in the moments when growing up felt overwhelming; I would lose myself in my favourite songs. The lyrics and beats that spoke to my heart felt like permission to let go. At times I couldn’t even articulate what I was feeling or process the emotions that were there. That’s where this magnificent man came in. Recently he’s shown up in a different way for me; he’s come through as an Ascended Master. He’s been encouraging me to speak my truth and embrace who I am without apology.

I’ve tried many times to invoke Jesus or Archangel Gabrielle for this, though Tupac seems to have found a way where I’m now like, “Yup, it’s time. Here I am world! I’m ready to be seen”. I wrote this in honour to this Divine Soul that has impacted my life in ways beyond belief. This is for you.


You were there when no one else was; blasting out of my speakers in my childhood room.

Singing your lyrical rhymes to me.

I’d find myself crying; laughing; singing; dancing; sharing my heart with you.

You brought me through a world of emotion on side 1 of your tracks and then to another universe when I swapped over to disc 2.

You were an escape from this world I didn’t know how to handle.

You set my heart free.

Suburbia wasn’t kind to me.

I was a kid with big dreams and a big heart singing in the after school choir.
I wanted the grit and rawness you embodied and all I found was the shy choral voice I held back.

I wanted to be different, see different, feel different and there you were; offering me reprieve.

Showing me a different perspective on lands of which I never knew, yet felt a resonance within the emotion you brought though.

You spoke of the truth in which I knew so deeply down inside.

Your music hit straight to the soul of this little girl who felt she no longer could hide.

I cried every time I heard dear mama; still do.

It was through California Dreaming that led me to you.

R U Still Down? The ode to my soul.

You picked me up when I was down and offered resurrection.

You were an angel that came to be by my side; gifting me momentary relief.

There’s a power in your words that heal so true.

All I know is that in my heart; my 12 year old girl will be eternally grateful for you.


Who’s left a lasting impression on your heart?

I would love to know.



~ Richelle

Shame Game

Here I am, making lunch in the kitchen and a get a flashback. A memory from when I was 12 came into my consciousness and I immediately felt shame.


I was at a Girl Guide Camp and I was making lunch. The girls on our site were helping out and I wanted to add mustard for some extra flavour. This one girl, came running over and was like “NO!! I hate mustard, please don’t add it, please please. I froze and was like, “This is how my Mom makes it at home, you can’t even taste it.” Her response, “Then why do you have to add it? Please don’t I hate it so much.” I was overcome by this weird space of the Do I, Don’t I dance.

I looked towards the other girls because I didn’t know how to formulate my desire to have it my way. I couldn’t process what to do in that moment. One girl said, “Add it”. That’s all that I needed; mustard in.

Now it may seem like a silly little memory, but what came up for me was the fact that I chose to not listen to someone’s request or find a work around. (Half with, half without?) .
I was cruel in my actions and intentions, and as an unrecovered food addict whose vice was her only way of processing feelings and emotions; that mustard took on quite the amount of power.

I knew what I was doing. I felt like I couldn’t stop myself and having someone ‘on my side’ made me feel like I was valid in my choice. I chose to deliberately hurt someone because my needs felt more important than hers. Classic bully technique.

Now I have done a ton of emotional work, yet it never ceases to amaze me when these memories come up just how crazy it is that I still feel the shame behind each one.

I can process what other’s have done to me with more ease, I look at it, make peace within myself, forgive and move on with my day. Though when I get flashbacks of the things I have done, I’m almost crippled by the pain and embarrassment of how I could have acted out in the ways that I have. It’s like I am living it again and feel this heaviness in my heart. I want to bury my head in the sand and pretend that the ostrich life is the life for me.

I was 12 years old. This was 20 years ago, and yet, here I am, replaying it over like it was yesterday. Insanity! Yet real.

Now I have a badass skill set in working through these emotions and processing my feelings for what comes up for me. Though I was thinking, if this still happens to me, with all the work I’ve done, with all the 4th step inventories and conscious dedication to living my life in a new way and I still am left feeling crippled in my kitchen when this memory emerged; What do other people do?

I have no idea! Do you ignore it? Push it down? Watch it and laugh at how silly you used to be? Honour it? Let it go? Or play it off like no big deal when you can still feel the sickness in the stomach…..
What do you do?

For me, I like to get clear on what I am really feeling shame over and go from there. I ask my Higher Power, Angels and Guides to help me have compassion for myself so I can let go of the charge with clarity. I made a mistake; I acted out of fear and I hurt someone because of it. I don’t tell myself that what I did way okay, because it wasn’t. Though I connect into the little girl within and am often reminded just how powerless she felt and how her world felt like an overwhelming mess with no end in sight. I take responsibility for my actions and know that if I were ever in this situation again, I would make a different choice.

That’s all I can do.
(and make amends to the person if it is appropriate to do so.)

I’ve learned that it’s better to deal with these things right away. If you let it linger, ignore the emotion and swallow it down; it can consume you and swallow you whole. Even if it’s emotional, it’s better to get the support you need to honour this aspect of your soul that has come up to be seen, heard and released.


We can’t change our past, but we can change ourselves.
We can make a different choice today.
Conscious connection is key.
I choose to continually love me.

Do you choose to continually love you?


~ Richelle


I popped into my Mailchimp account to take a look around tonight. I haven’t sent out a newsletter in months and since I changed platforms; I haven’t given myself the time and space to learn how to use it.

So I went in, opened a saved template and saw the last email I wanted to send. The one that felt too vulnerable, too raw and too exposed, so I hid it and kept it in and didn’t go into my account again until today. I forgot it existed.

Reading over it, I get it. When you are deep into your emotional state it can feel overwhelming. You’re afraid of being judged, you’re afraid of losing love, and not wanting to people to see you as less than. You’re scared; wanting to protect your heart and doing whatever you have to, to protect your last shred of dignity.

Yet in all of that, at the end of the day, I didn’t send it because I cared more about what other people would think of me, than I thought of myself. I’ve spent my whole life holding back because I have been concerned about what other people think. I have conjured up excuses, held myself back from saying Yes when I wanted to and say No without regard. I have diminished who I am, over and over, at ‘the mercy of others’ because I valued them more than myself.

Reading this letter made me realise two things; a lot can happen in the span of a few months AND I’m rocking it!

Like Holy Moly Batman!

I forgot how earlier on this year I felt so overwhelmed; to the point of wanting to throw in the towel and give it all away. I couldn’t see a way out of my circumstances and cried (and cried, and cried). Grieving the life I knew I wanted to badly for myself, yet remaining stranded in the one I had. Spiralling down until once again; I hit bottom and knew something needed to change.

So here’s why I love the Akashic Records so much; I was able to get over my shit in the most compassionate, loving way possible. I hired a mentor that held me in sacred, nonjudgmental space and we uprooted old beliefs systems. I shed layers of guilt and shame and gave myself permission to let go of anything and everything that was holding me back.

Here I am 5 months later, reading this and feeling like I’ve done a 180.

Here’s the email I felt I couldn’t send. Who can relate?

“As you may have notice I didn’t show up last month and I need to take full responsibility for that. I completely burnt out and my body decided to shut down on me. Emotionally I was done, physically I was done and spiritually I was struggling with connecting into myself, my guides and my Higher Power.

I had a moment that I was in bed, crying and repeating I surrender, I give up. I surrendered the energy to resistance that I was trying to ignore. I surrendered to my emotions and what has been percolating under the surface and I surrendered to the fact that I have been ignoring my own internal pushes to show up to my life. The beauty of being in tune with your life is that you get to rock the shit out of it when you are in flow. The negative some would say is that if you ignore the inner guidance for too long, you don’t have as much spare time to ignore it. My guides stand for me now by showing me in full force what’s no longer working. I mean there is only so much time that I can sit on the couch watching Netflix and pretending that it’s for my mental health.

I had ignored my internal guidance to say yes to my own inner healing and stepping into the next level of my own life. I have been maintaining what has no longer been working and it has become more and more clear that I can’t just maintain what no longer serves. If I maintained the beauty then I would be happy for it, though if I maintain what I know I need to change it eats away at my sanity and I start to spiral down a rabbit hole I just have no desire to go back into it. It’s called resistance and it becomes a distraction and frankly I’m kind of bored of my cycles and habits that aren’t showing up. So if you are in a place where resistance is eating away at you and you feel powerless to change – you are not alone. ”

I wrote this is a group the other day and it still rings true.

“The power a day can hold; the power a week can transform; if we give ourselves the space, it doesn’t have to take long”.

Have a beautiful night everyone!


~ Richelle

Creating Sacred Space

I was ready to expand my business and I decided to rent an office space part time; slowly making the transition out of my home. I was working there 2-3 days a week and loved it. It had a good vibe, was beautifully crafted, just off the sea wall and close to home. The owner had put so much love into the space and I felt it was a great first step in moving forward.

After being there for a few months, something strange started to happen; my clients were booking around the healing space in order to come to my home. I kept hearing, “It feels so good!” “I love coming to your place, I feel like I can relax and let go”,“I will wait for your next appointment, I don’t mind.” I was paying for a space my clients didn’t want to use AND were going out of their way to work around.

It had me thinking, what’s going on? Then it dawned on me, even though I work out of this gorgeous space, it’s not mine. It had been beautifully crafted, though not by me. Each touch and detail felt aligned, though at the end of the day, it was infused with someone else’s’ energy.

I never thought what I did was special; creating space  always came so naturally to me.


When clients would come to my home, I would energize and transform the space to make sure it was perfect for them. I used crystals and statues, flowers and card decks. I would light candles and diffuse oils; blends that were handcrafted just for them. I always had the kettle on for fresh tea and would intuitively check to see if there was anything else they would need.

Sometimes even the slightest adjustment to a crystal would send a powerblast of love around the room; Sacred Creation at it’s best.


I love doing this, it make sense to me. It wasn’t until I shifted my sessions from in person to over phone, when I found out that most of my clients felt like they couldn’t create this space for themselves. They were scared of losing the support they felt by just being in my home. Held in a sacred safe container.


So how does one create a Sacred Space for themselves?;

Step 1

The most important step, above all else;

Setting Your Intention.

This is key. Anything else that comes after this is a bonus. If you are clear that your intention is to create a safe and sacred space; it can’t help but ‘fall in line’ and create the energetics to do so.

I talk to the space (I mean.. Hey, I talk to angels, so why not my home?) to let it know what I am going to do and ask it to continually cleanse, clear and purify the area so it is free from any and all interference or distractions. I ask that it is comfy and cozy and fit for a queen. I ask that the space continues to evolve to meet my needs and is in alignment to the Divine Sacred Flow to bring Infinite Blessings.

I always know this space is my sacred chamber and held in alignment to my Highest Light and Order and Greatest Good, ( and in accordance with my Divine Soul Blueprint and the Essence of All of Who I Am). I ask that the Keeper’s of Light oversee this space and invite any and all Angels and Guides to come forward in alignment to my Highest and Greatest Good; holding this space in Divine Love and with Divine Integrity. I asked it to be infused with Honour, Compassion, Playfulness, Humour, Ease and Grace and that it feels so good; I just can’t help but want to stay in the space.  I ask that It feels like a home within a home, a heartbeat held for me. A Divine Sacred Container that is Beautifully crafted specifically for me.

As you can see, I am quite detailed with my intentions, so you can also start off by saying, “I am creating a sacred space”  and that will work perfectly.

In addition, I ask Archangel Michael to oversee this container and make sure it is properly protected so I am safe to show up however I need.

This may sound like a lot, though once you are clear on what area of your home you want to create your space within, it will all easily flow and expand from there.

Step 2

  Private space that is free from distractions. Somewhere you can cry and laugh, get angry or express any feelings that emerge without feeling like someone can pop in at any moment and pull you out of your process. Give yourself permission to keep this space clean and tidy so it feels fresh and that you want to go in there.

Step 3

Divine Add On’s to Make Your Space Feel Wonderful

  •  Visualize beautiful shields of light to infuse your space with love and protection.
  •  Cleanse the area with palo santo, sage or an aura spray
  •  Call in Angels, Archangels, Master’s, Saints, Prophets, Guides and Beings of the Highest Light and Truth that you Love
  •  Fluffy blankets and pillows so it feels extra cozy
  •  A chair or space that you can sink into and relax 
  •  Crystals
  •  Water fountain
  •  Plants that are vibrant and healthy
  •  Essential oils with a Diffuser radiating your favourite scents
  •  Have a tea by your side in a mug that you love and a glass of water waiting so you won’t need to ‘break the seal’
  •  Have a Journal so vibrant you can’t help but pick it up with a pen beside that writes beautifully
  •  Candles lit
  •  Statues and artwork that inspire you
  •  Books that you love and bring joy when you see them
  •  Twinkle Lights
  •  Stuffed Animals or toys that make you ‘Light up’ when you see them
  •  Salt Lamps that create a warm and welcoming glow
  •  Fresh cut flowers
  •  Music, meditations and nature sounds playing in the background
  •  Singing bowls, mala’s, chimes, sacred tools, or anything you feel you need for support
  •  Beautiful scarves to place on tables or over chairs
  •  Anything that sparks joy in you and feels right


Keep in mind this can be an evolving process, it doesn’t have to be 100% perfect in order to start. Choose one thing and go from there, you’ve got this!

So what if I share a space with my roomates?

Find an area of your bedroom that you can dedicate as your space. It could even be right beside your bed where you keep a crystal and your journal. Allow youself to get creative and visualize where you would go if sh*t hits the fan. Where would you feel most comfortable being yourself and expressing your needs?

What if my house is messy all the time?

Find one area of your home that you can dedicate to keep clean. If you commit to keeping this one space clean, it will allow you to go there when you feel overwhelmed and relax. Even if there’s a pile of clothes in the other side of the room; remember it’s progress not perfection. You’re worth creating this space; regardless what the rest of the house looks like.

What if I really can’t find a space that works in my home?

Find a park or a forest where you can go to and relax. Sit by the water or even in your car. The physical space will reveal itself to you, you just have to claim that this is what you want and go from there.

I see clients in my home and feel like I can’t clear the energy once their gone

Before your clients come over, ask that anything and everything they bring with them is removed and released effective immediately after the session with love, ease and grace. Ask that your space holds them in a sacred shield of light so they may benefit and recieve all that is within their highest and greatest good during the time they’re there. Though once the session is complete, your space returns to the vibrancy and frequency that is aligned for you, your intention and your Highest and Greatest Good; removing and releasing anything and everything that no longer serves and is in the way of claiming your intention.

So, what touches could you add that would make your space feel extra special?

Let me know if there is something you do that’s not on the list! I love hearing all the ways other people have learned to create a sacred container for themselves.

Have a Beautiful Day,


~ Richelle


Are you a Puppet or a Player?


How much do you feel that you have to fulfil your Life Purpose for the Universe, over having a choice as to what this looks like for you?

How much do you feel like you HAVE to be in service even when it’s not serving you?

We often think we’ve been put here with a divine plan and we either fulfil it, or we don’t. When we’re not actively working towards this ‘divine plan’, it leaves us feeling guilty, hopeless, empty and questioning. Feeling like the bad girl/boy/person and as though we’re somehow failing at life.

So I’ma tell you the one thing that you should focus on over anything else; Happiness.

But Richelle…. How can I be happy knowing everything that is going on in the world? How can I be happy when there are things I don’t like? How can I be happy when other’s aren’t? How can I be happy when there’s so much work to do?

Well, do you really think it’s better to be in service from a place of fear over love? Do you really think it’s going to give you all the energy in the world to kick butt if you’re dragging yours through the dirt because “You’re supposed to”.


There’s no Universal plan that’s telling you to drag your ass through the mud and keep trudging along no matter how hard it is, how stuck you get or how dirty and exhausted you are at the end of the day. You won’t get a gold star for showing just how much you can tough it out and tolerate life when things aren’t going well. There’s no Universal praise that you will receive for living your life in this way. Nada.

It might make for good stories and it’s a damn good excuse as to stay stuck. Though do you really think you’re going to make the Universe happy by fulfilling a plan for it, when you feel so disconnected from yourself? Do you really think it’s your purpose to make the Universe happy?

Nope. That’s the part of you that tells you that YOU don’t matter. That’s the part of you that tells you that everything has been predetermined well in advance, so what’s the point of even trying something new or doing anything for yourself.

The Universe doesn’t have you on a set of strings and you are not its Puppet.

Yes. There are things in this lifetime that our soul has come to experience. There are things that we agreed upon to experience before we came into this body. We chose them to happen and we get to choose to work through them. Though often they are soul learning’s and it’s up to us as to how we want to process these pieces.

Don’t fool yourself into thinking that this wasn’t your soul’s decision and a power greater than yourself predetermined your life. You chose every aspect with a council and team right by your side, so you’ve never had to do it alone.

You chose to come here. You chose to expand, shift, shape and grow. You chose to evolve and to soak up all there is to life. You came here to play and learn and delight within the delicacies this world has to offer.

You came here to Experience life. *You’re life.

When you take ownership of this and know that you have all the power to shift your perception, you can change your life. AND you don’t have to do it alone.

So why not ask:
What can I do today that will bring me joy?
What can I do today that I would absolutely love?
What would delight me?
What would make me feel fulfilled?
Who do I need by my side for support?
What do I need?

When you shift into this place of curiousity and asking, you become an active Player in your life. You come from a place of empowerment and knowing you deserve to live a life that you lifts you up. You aren’t working for the Universe; the Universe is working for you. When you understand that you have more power in your life than you realise, that’s when things start to change. You get to co-create your life with the One Infinite Allness That Is and get to ‘serve’ in a way that’s serving you.

Everything is working out for you. What you radiate and put out, comes back to you. You know what makes you feel fulfilled, and if you don’t, you get to play and explore and get curious. You owe it to yourself.

So start from a place of what makes ME happy? What brings ME delight and go from there. Chances are it is being ‘in service’, though it will be from a place of Divine Honour and Divine Love.

It will raise you higher and you will feel more inspired.

This is *You’re Life. Live it for you.


~ Richelle


*You are life. Get it? 😃

Ageing Beauty

I feel as though I have been tested in the past few weeks by my greatest BFF in the entire galaxy of galaxies; the Universe.

As someone who has a long term history of people pleasing and chameleonizing myself in order to stay safe and not ruffle any feathers, it’s been an awesome journey for me of stepping into a place of embodying the art of not giving a fuck about what other people think…..and I think it’s safe to say I have had some rocking success in these circumstances as of late.

Last night was a very interesting example of this for me. I was sitting with an amazing group of women. We were having great conversation, giving one another our full attention and listening with our hearts.

I genuinely felt heard, seen and worthy as fuck. We were an intimate group of badass babes and for the first time in a long time I felt like I wasn’t the kid sitting at the grownups table, I was one of them.

During one of our lighter conversations about the ageing process and wrinkles. I confessed very proudly that I love my laugh lines. The last photo shoot I had done, I even asked my photographer to go back and re-edit my shots to bring them back in. I didn’t want to be airbrushed to perfection. I already love how I look.

After saying this, I was met with a very unexpected opinion disregarding how I felt because I haven’t gone through the ageing process and I wasn’t in my later years. True – I don’t have any idea what it’s like to age further than what I have. Though, I was being told that what I felt was invalid and I was wrong because I am not standing in this woman’s shoes or the shoes of other women transitioning into these years. Now that being said, I had no hidden agenda with what I was saying. I wasn’t expressing that I felt other women should age naturally, or just accept themselves as is. There was no passive aggressive tone in which I said, “I love my laugh lines”. It wasn’t said to undercut anyone on their journey (because in truth, it’s none of my business what they do anyways). I simply stated, “I love my wrinkles!”

I felt I wanted to explain why I loved wrinkles so much. I chose not to continue our dialogue because frankly, I am not out to change anyone else mind on beauty standards, how to see themselves and what choices they should make in their lives. I just wanted to express the beauty I see in wrinkles and the faces of mature women and I also know that beauty is subjective to the eye of the beholder.

For what it’s worth, here are my two cents.

My Gramma was one of the most beautiful women in the whole world to me. Anytime we would pop by, she always seemed delighted to see us. During the holidays we would have big family dinners and she would always sit in the corner watching all of us joke around, laughing, eating and celebrating. More than anything, she wanted her family to come together in joyous celebrations and you could tell it made her happy beyond belief. While she would sit and watch us, I would watch her in admiration. She always looked so content. Her face was full of gorgeous wrinkles and laugh lines that told the story of her life.Her eyes would twinkle brighter than the stars as she sat there soaking up the moment of all of us being together. When she laughed, her whole body laughed and she exuded this joy that I couldn’t help but fall in love with.

Inner and outer; she was the epitome of beauty to me and I loved her for it.

Now that being said, did I ever think to ask my Gramma how she felt about her skin changing and how the ageing process was for her? No. In her reality I don’t know what it was like for her, though that doesn’t change the fact that I viewed her as a being of perfection and was always taken aback by her nature and essence.

Wrinkles to me are a badge of honour. They are an addition to my own body’s stories of stretch marks, scars, burn marks, beauty marks, acne scars, cellulite and other markings (that half the time I don’t even know how I got). They honour the dedication to my own evolution in becoming the best version of myself and the years I have invested in honouring my past all the while letting it go at the same time.

They are beautiful. They speak of wisdom. They speak of learning. They speak of a well lived life.

So the biq question; Will I feel this way in 20 years time?

Who the hell knows!

Though for today, I love them and today is truly what matters the most to me right now.

Thank you to my Gorgeous Gramma for all you taught me and Thank you to my ***HP for showing me how much I have grown even in the past few weeks.
Thank you to all the support teams I have in my life and love me and accept me for me.
For all this and more – I thank you, I thank you, I thank you.

***HP stands for Higher Power, cuz I roll like that.


~ Richelle

Archangel Michael’s Message

Hello to all of you Magnificent Beings!

I was away at a Goddess Retreat this weekend and I had a really profound healing happen. The beautiful part of the release is that I now have permission from Michael to share the message that I received from him in Portugal.

Archangel Michael

“Be here in this moment, for this moment alone is the beauty of why you’re here. Though this moment may be filled with intense emotion or deep joy and gratitude, keep coming back to here.

Breathe, always breathe. Your breath is the key to healing and harmony. Be alive and grounded. Explore your heart and your outer world. There is so much beauty that you are so scared to see. Ask for my help to uncover these parts that feel afraid and allow me to guide you.

Always come back to the heart.”

If you’re unsure of how to work with Michael, all you have to do is call upon him. You can think, speak or write to him and he’ll know. Tell him what you would like help with and give him permission to help you. He may guide you to start writing, read a certain book, get outside and play or he may guide you to someone for healing. Pay attention to repeating messages as they are signs he will be sending you.

Trust your own intuition.

It’s important to remember that there is nothing too small or minute that stands before you. If it is important to you, it is important to the angels.

As for myself, I have been guided to send out an invitation to book a reading with me for the first week of December. I will be offering Start the New Year with Intention readings. During this reading I will pull a couple cards for each month of the year. It allows you to have something tangible to keep bringing yourself back to your intention. For myself , I never quite understand why a certain card comes up, though I find by the time I reach it I know 100% why it was there to guide me along. In this reading I will also include a card for this December as a offering of closure for 2014.

I will also be offering healings as well if you are craving some relaxation and release. Michael will be working with me quite strongly for this time. He wants to really honour those who are willing to make the changes they need in their lives to live their true essence here on Earth.

If you’re interested in working with me check it out here.

Many Blessings and Love to you all!

I hope your journey is filled with ease, love and grace.


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