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Angel Numbers


I had just gotten off my flight and was in the cue to go through customs in Cuba. As I stepped into the cubicle, the customs agent greeted me with with a big smile then asked if I was Brazilian. When I said no we both laughed and there was this beautiful spark of connection. I felt called to look up after handing her my passport only to see 22:44 across the room as the current time. I think my smile increased 10 fold as I noticed how amazing life can be through all these little moments we get to savour.

This moment could have so easily been forgotten about, yet it stuck with me. On the bus drive to the resort, I was thinking about how prominent these signs have been for me lately. So as I always do, I sat with my guides and here’s the message that came through;

“Everyone thinks that the ‘Angel numbers’ or numerical sequences that we bring forward come in with a message and often we do use these as a channel to bring messages through, though in Truth: when you see these messages, you’re actually being brought into the present moment and tapping into the delight and gifts that the world around you brings. When you shift from living in the past or far off in the future, you get to savour the now. The now is the present where all the magic happens. It’s within those minuscule moments of delight that only you seem to notice and make you smile. So when you’re on detective duty for “Angel Numbers” and numerical sequences you are spending time in the present. Their presence can pull you back into your body and into this life. Often people think they’re cute little ways we say I love you, though in truth they’re there as a gift for you to be present with you. This is the greatest way to feel like life is working for you”

The opportunities that bring us back to the ‘now’ are constantly around us. I know for me, when I was growing up music was my vice, and the power of a song could bring me to my knees and allow all of the emotions that I was holding onto release. It was my permission to stop avoiding what I felt I couldn’t explain and just let go. Music brought me back my present self, to honour where I was at and check into my heart that was feeling and beating to the presence of my divinity and all the heartache that was welling up inside of me.

Even when I reminisce about ‘the good ol’ days’, the moments that come in for me are when I was experiencing life around me. The savouring of each moment, connected to the vibrancy of the world and relishing in its delight. These moments when we forget to distract ourselves and tap into the beauty of everything that is currently taking place. The connection and experiences with others; the moment we witness around us; the senses that activate when we’re aware of them; all bring you here. We often think these moments are fleeting and not available to us every day, yet when you choose to be present and look around, life will meet you there and that’s something to celebrate.

So next time you see those numbers brightly coming forward for you, also take note to all the other beautiful moments around you and savour them in gratitude. Step into your life here and now and watch how the world around you shifts to take place, it will amaze you.


~ Richelle

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