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For the past few days, Krishna has been making himself known to me in the most magnificent ways.

He first appeared during my year one graduation of Kyle Gray’s Angel Tribe to acknowledge the dedication and devotion to myself and my light path. His energy moved me to tears as I felt layers of resistance being shed. Both him and Ganesha cleared away the internal obstacles that were blocking me and realigned my energy back to one of Joy and Divine Divinity.


I have worked with Ganesha for a long time as I love his energy, though Krishna has been a bit of a mystery to me. His energy is profound and loving, though I hadn’t been called to him quite like the other Ascended Masters, Angels and Deities.

So when I was leaving the airport on Friday and there was a gentleman stopped in front of me trying to find his custom’s form, as soon as I looked over to him, he had a bag that said KRISHNA in beautiful gold letters. It caught my eye, though didn’t think much of it at the time.

So yesterday when I went for a walk with my husband, we sat down on the seawall and 2 men walked past us while saying very pronounced and clearly, right in front of me: “KRISHNA is the Elephant God.”

My wheels were turning and my husband knew I was connecting my dots. Yet what he didn’t know was quite how powerful that statement was, since both Krishna and Ganesha have been coming forward to support me on my journey recently.

I don’t think I could have asked for a clearer sign and I feel beyond blessed to Krishna and Ganesha for their presence and support. It still makes me laugh how easily I can overlook a bag at the airport as a delightful synchronicity rather than the potency of this being coming forward for me.

The last year has been an incredible journey of taking the time to dedicate and devote myself to me, and I feel more than ready to create and play and show up in my full power on my journey.

It’s amazing to think at the start of last year I wanted to throw in the towel on my life, because I couldn’t ‘figure out’ a way to live the life I wanted it to be. To live the life I felt inside with every cell of my being.

Belief system after belief system being shed and transformed, realigned me to the Divine Divinity and has made all the difference.

We can only compare ourselves to the past versions of us. This shows just how far we’ve come and allows us to know where we want to go. Yet we also need to honour the internal stirrings within that are calling us to shift our lives to one we want to be in.

I have been so clear that I want to experience my life in delight and joy and have it be above and beyond what I ever could imagine or have thought possible for it to be.

I feel lately there’s a magic brewing and I have allowed space for Ascended Masters and other beings to come in for support, and to teach me along the way.

When I tune into Krishna, I feel his energy soften and there’s a request for me to meditate with him.

I’m so grateful that I’ve been able to shift from trying to figure out who I need to call in, and force my life system’s to one of allowance, ease and flow. Living as the contribution is an incredible way to go.


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