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Ode to Pac 2Pac Tupac

Sometimes we spark inspiration in someone without even knowing it.

2pac did this for me.

Music was my vice when I was growing up and at an early age I was already belting out my favourite songs.  I remember spending hours waiting to press record at that perfect moment when my jam came on the radio. I patiently listened with intent to every song and quickly ran to the bathroom during ads not to miss a beat. This was heaven on earth for me; I loved it.

So in the moments when growing up felt overwhelming; I would lose myself in my favourite songs. The lyrics and beats that spoke to my heart felt like permission to let go. At times I couldn’t even articulate what I was feeling or process the emotions that were there. That’s where this magnificent man came in. Recently he’s shown up in a different way for me; he’s come through as an Ascended Master. He’s been encouraging me to speak my truth and embrace who I am without apology.

I’ve tried many times to invoke Jesus or Archangel Gabrielle for this, though Tupac seems to have found a way where I’m now like, “Yup, it’s time. Here I am world! I’m ready to be seen”. I wrote this in honour to this Divine Soul that has impacted my life in ways beyond belief. This is for you.


You were there when no one else was; blasting out of my speakers in my childhood room.

Singing your lyrical rhymes to me.

I’d find myself crying; laughing; singing; dancing; sharing my heart with you.

You brought me through a world of emotion on side 1 of your tracks and then to another universe when I swapped over to disc 2.

You were an escape from this world I didn’t know how to handle.

You set my heart free.

Suburbia wasn’t kind to me.

I was a kid with big dreams and a big heart singing in the after school choir.
I wanted the grit and rawness you embodied and all I found was the shy choral voice I held back.

I wanted to be different, see different, feel different and there you were; offering me reprieve.

Showing me a different perspective on lands of which I never knew, yet felt a resonance within the emotion you brought though.

You spoke of the truth in which I knew so deeply down inside.

Your music hit straight to the soul of this little girl who felt she no longer could hide.

I cried every time I heard dear mama; still do.

It was through California Dreaming that led me to you.

R U Still Down? The ode to my soul.

You picked me up when I was down and offered resurrection.

You were an angel that came to be by my side; gifting me momentary relief.

There’s a power in your words that heal so true.

All I know is that in my heart; my 12 year old girl will be eternally grateful for you.


Who’s left a lasting impression on your heart?

I would love to know.



~ Richelle

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