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Richelle Payer Work With Me
Richelle Payer Work With Me

Discover all of the powerful ways to work with me.

Let the inner whisper of your heart lead you to where you need to be.

You’ve got this.  So go ahead and explore.

trust your intuition (You can even call in an angel or two if you just can’t decide….)


Work With Me

Akashic Records

Tapping directly into the universal wisdom of your soul to bring forward the deepest level of healing that is available to you.

Work With Me


An expansive way to bring forward the transformation you are seeking through Angels, Guides and the Voice of your Soul.

Over a year ago I was going through a tough transition in my business and working relationships. Richelle came into my life like an Angel and has supported me immensely on my journey. Her approach is gentle where she has guided me and helped me surrender to the more aligned path with the changes that were happening all around me. Above all Richelle has a beautiful gift of delivering the truth and I always enjoy my sessions with her.

Baljit Rayat


I have put together a list of questions I have been asked by clients in the past for your viewing pleasure. Please feel free to contact me if you feel there are other questions purculating within.

Angels? Say What!

My connection with the Angels started a few months before I started my 12 step program for recovery. I was at a course down in Portland and sharing a hotel room with a friend. On our way down, she keep pointing out Angel Numbers and signs and was talking about an amazing little book called Hiring the Heavens. She placed an Angel Card Deck on the table between our beds and this was my first introduction to the Oracle. 

The one thing I have learned about calling in the Angelic Energy is that if you ask – they will come!

After I had a massive realization that I wasn’t showing up to my own life, they way I was asking my clients to. I faced some pretty challenging realizations about my life and with the help from another friend found myself at at 12 steps meeting to face the next layer of my recovery; my body and emotions.

After I came out of my food fog, my passion for angels was growing deeper and deeper and Archangel Michael was the first to come forward. As I would read about him, I could feel this magnificent presence around me. Strong, yet safe. Protective and loving. He was the first Angel that I was able to hear (and after a good look at myself to see if I needed to be in a psych ward for hearing voices – I dove straight in).

From there, one by one, the Archangels were introducing themselves to me. It was as though I couldn’t advance forward in this book I had until it was time. The best way to describe it was it felt like coming home. The piece to the puzzle I didn’t even know I was missing. I felt their guidance and support made me feel like I wasn’t alone and I felt that I could finally look at the parts of myself I had buried deep down inside. It was safe. There was no judgement, only an immense amount of compassion and support and it was safe to say I was hooked on the Angelic Vibe.

Looking back, had you ever thought there were angels around you before this time?

Yes! 100%. Though instead of specifically thinking of these beings as Angels, I would more say I knew there was a Higher Power of some sort, though I didn’t quite know what it was.


There was a time in High School that I had three separate events happen in the span of just over a month. They left quite the lasting impression and the fact they happened so close together made it clear it wasn’t a coincidence.


  1. I was over on Vancouver Island visiting one of my friends and we had stayed fairly late at a house party. As we were heading home we were driving alongside a ledge and ahead of us was a sharp turn that we didn’t notice until it was almost too late. As my friend turned, there were sparks flying up against the side of the car and by the tires and we somehow managed to make the turn safe and sound. We both had a moment where we realized that should have gone off the edge and were quite shaken up.
  2. I was out in Richmond diving with another friend. We had accidently passed our exit on the Highway and the next turn off was quite a ways away. My friend had made the decision that she was going to back up on the Highway to the exit, as it was late at night and not a lot of traffic was around. As we were backing up, the car stalled and in that moment, two semi trucks were driving up behind us, side by side, and one was heading straight towards us. We didn’t know what to do and out of nowhere the car started while it was in gear and we managed to pull off to the side just in time before we would have been hit.
  3. I was driving home one night after work and the car beside me started merging into my lane. I was sandwiched inbetween two other cars and was on the shoulder on the freeway. There was nowhere for either of us to go. I had layed on my horn to try and get them to notice, though they seemed quite distracted and continued merging into me. I closed my eyes and braced for impact because I didn’t know what else to do and when I opened them back up after a split second the car was some how in front of me and all of us were safe on the road.


Needless to say, it was clear that something/someone was looking out for me and now doing the work I do, I realize the importance of these events taking place. It was a reminder than even though I felt lost and alone, I wasn’t. Those events still stay close to my heart and I am deeply grateful that we all made it out safe and sound each and every time.

What courses have you taken to support your development?

I am a huge believer in following my heart and saying yes when something calls. I have invested in many different courses/modalities over the years that have brought me here today. Here’s the list! It’s a Good One.


Akashic Record Certification

Level 1, 2, 3 and 4


Lotus Destiny

Sex and Sensuality Program

Soul Blueprint Program


Soul Journeys

888 Abundance Portal


Kyle Gray’s Angel Tribe Certification


2017 Master Mentorship


Lewis Howes

Summit of Greatness


Bright Shiny Soul Program


Spirit of the Goddess Retreats



Level 1, 2 and Master’s Certification


Soul Song Anointment

Doreen Virtue

Certified Angel Card Reader



Diana Cooper

Meet the Dragons


The Way of the Heart

Level 1 and 2

Life Mission 1, 2, 3 ,4

The Question on the Heart

Feng Shui II

Planetary Self Healing


Plus so many conferences and talks! (I Can Do It!, Angel World Summit and Archangel Academy to name a few)


I have read way too many books than I can count (and continue to do so). I love learning and opening my mind and seeing the divine wisdom that others have already brought to us, all the while formulating my own opinions as I move forward.

What can you help me with?

I typically work with clients who feel they aren’t moving forward in their life and feel a lack of direction and limitation. This can range from a general sense of not knowing what the next step is, to working through any emotional or energetic blocks you feel keep coming up in your life. I find the Angels provide an amazing step by step process in offering you guidance so you can take back your life and feel you are moving towards something of greater value.

What can I expect from a session with you?

Every session can be so drastically different from one another, though generally we will start off the same each time. Depending on the type of session you book yourself in for we will always start with a check-in to see where you are at in your life and what you are finding challenging to overcome. We move into an invocation to call in the Heavenly Helpers to make sure we are supported by all the love the world has to offer and then dive into the modality which is best suited for your healing. It’s amazing because the guides will always know what is best for you and I find each session is fully supported with the focus in mind being you.

Are the Angels safe? Am I messing with negative powers?

This seems to be a fairly common concern for anyone with a very strict religious background. For myself, the Angels have come through my own awakening and I have no religious context to them. As far as I am concerned they are always loving, always kind and always there for your highest and greatest good. No matter what needs to come forward, I have found an immense amount of love, compassion and support through the Angelic Kingdom. I love to ask them these questions and see what their answers are and here is what came forward, “We have been created by the One Infinite Allness of Life, which is also the creator of your own Soul. We are here to support you in any way that you need to make your own journey upon Earth Kinder. Whether you call upon the Divine herself or call upon us personally, know that we will be sent to you out of love and all that we do comes out of love and support for your highest and greatest good.  We are honoured to be apart of your journey, if you so desire us to be.

Have you always had this connection with the Angels?

It’s funny when I typically answer this question I say “No” though they ALWAYS remind me that the Angels have always been there – I just wasn’t tuned in to see or feel their presence. My own journey uncovering these beings has been quite unique considering that not even 5 years ago I barely believed in my own Guardian Angels and a Higher Power.

I was taking a course in Portland and was sharing a room with a new friend that I had made. She had brought along a deck of Angel Oracle Cards with her and was noticing repeating numbers and phrases along our journey as we drove down. It’s safe to say my curiousity was peaked and I started asking questions. The first book I was drawn to was called Hiring the Heavens and was all about creating etheric teams of angels to help me in my particular areas of my life. As things starting shifting in my world (my own skepticism being one) I started seeing repeating numbers and feathers everywhere! I decided to pick up my own deck of Angel Oracle Cards and started using them in my own life.Time and time again, the cards would align with where I was at, what I was going through and offering friendly guidance on how to move forward in my life. Books just happened to appear when I was ready to learn more and dive deeper, almost as though they had been placed in my path. As I explored this new realm, Archangel Michael was the first being that I had a profound connection with. As I read different books and literature I could feel a warming sensation within my body when his name was mentioned. As my intuition was increasing, I would ask questions and hear a very deep and loving voice answering my questions. As my relationship with Michael deepend, I would discover one Archangel after another, almost as though they were introducing themselves to me when I was ready. Shortly after this, I signed up for Doreen Virtue and Radleigh Valentine’s class and became a Certified Angel Card Reader. I jumped wholeheartedly into this world and trusted that I would be carried forward and I found my own wings to fly with. I signed up to do a festival that summer and put together an Oracle Card Reading Booth. I needed to trust everything that came forward for me and stepped out with my full heart. It was an incredible experience and it was very clear that this was my gift. It was a bizarre feeling for me. I felt as though I had been doing this my whole life. That feeling of being home. Slowly and surely my Healing practiced shifted in very Angelic ways and deepening my own gifts. I have gone through listening and relaying to letting the divine wisdom come though. My connection is different with the angels now then when I started. It’s more solid, more connected and more trusting. I don’t quite feel them the same way when I started, but have complete trust and faith that they are real and are there.

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