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Archangel Raphael

Live for the moment, Love for today.

How often are you caught up in all the details of tomorrow, that you forget to live life today?

I witness all of you beautiful beings trying to put the pieces of the puzzle together in a way that feels good; you start with the edges aligning the frame of what you think life should look like; yet in doing so you’re limiting your possibility to calling in all the things your Soul desires for your life to be.

When you decide that life needs to look a certain way, you cancel out all other possibilities of intention. You create a structure that keeps you in a box, and doesn’t allow you to see the infinite possibilities of how life can be. In creating the outline of your puzzle first, you cancel out potential growth and opportunities that you’ve been seeking.

What if you stepped back and started filling in the puzzle pieces of your life from where you are now? Starting in the middle and filling them in as you go allows the energy of expansion to flow. All of a sudden life becomes more vibrant and ‘alive’. You look around in curiousity rather than determining your life.

Just because the puzzle seems to look a certain way, doesn’t mean the whole entire picture can’t change. I know you’ve been looking at the same image and outline and have been feeling stuck. I also know you think that you just can’t transform certain situations or aspects in your life because of this perspective rut. Though in some physical circumstances, this may be ‘true’ (I use the word true lightly because in Divine Truth you are always apart of the field of expansive possibility), though what if you shifted your perspective about how you view your life and sit in the question and possibility of how it can change?

What is one small action I can take to align my life to one that I love today?
What is one small thing that I can do for me that feels the most Divinely True?
What can I do to be here, in this moment, feeling connected and vibrantly bright?
How can I transform my current situation to see it in a new light?

I know some of you are on a rocket that’s taking off and you’re loving the ride, but for those of you that are not;

How are you controlling your life?
What are you doing that keeps the rigidity alive?
What is the fear surrounding living your best life?

In Truth, you are always in a dance with the Divine. Though for true partnership to flow you must trust the person that’s aligning to you. If you are worried about stepping on toes, or constantly taking over the lead, you create a current of unbalanced energy. When you surrender to the Truth of your Life, you co-create the choreography and elegantly move without having to think twice. You stride across the dance floor, flowing with ease and grace as you understand that by surrendering to your partner, that your life will change.

I am asking to stop side stepping on the dance floor and creating a box that you feel you can’t get out of. Often you just have to pause and stop, take a breath and come back to it. By pausing to check in with your heart and with your soul, you allow yourself to remember the steps and intuitively know exactly where you need to go.

I come forward with the request to call you back into your life. I ask that you call yourself back into the here and now, so you can amplify the good bits in your life.

As the Divine Healer, I work alongside the Creator of your Divine Soul’s plan (the truth of ‘you’) and align your energetics to the deepening of your intention. Living a life well lived is in the core of your soul’s request, though this well lived life doesn’t start tomorrow it starts today.

Yes I hear you say, “Well I’m here; am I not living Archangel Raphael?” And I would have to say:

In Truth; do you feel you are living? In Truth, do you feel your life has been well lived thus far?

I have to ask; Is putting off your life worth it? Do you feel more ready today to take action, rather than yesterday? Do you feel tired with your stories and excuses and looking around for examples of how other people are ‘living their life’ and putting yourself down?

Do you feel yourself on a journey towards your Divine Excellence in the most beautiful vibrant way?
If it’s no, then I ask that you get curious as to how that may change.

When I speak of Divine Excellence, I do not speak of perfection, I do not speak of a life that’s laid out in a magazine of how this life has to look like; I speak of the love radiating within you. I speak of your Divine Truth emerging as You. I speak of the delight that lives inside that is waiting to be felt again and seen. I speak of all the wondrous possibilities your life can be, if you choose to live it. Your life is your choice and I am here for you.

Divine timing is waiting for you, not the other way around.

So what are you waiting for?

It’s time to take that leap, to soar, to do what you have to do today to change the circumstances in your life that you do not like. It’s time to clean up the mess your beliefs have made and choose this life today.

Get support, move your body, fuel yourself with nourishing food. Tea date the heck out of your relationships and choose to feel alive and bright; regardless of how the world currently looks around you.

This is your life. It’s your permission, choice and action that’s going to change it. I ask that you stop looking away, and look towards it. I promise you that it’ll be worth is, since you’re worth every vibratory cell of your being. You are magnificent, and bright and a divine light that the world needs to see.

The question is;

Will you choose to see it and do anything about it?”


It was such an honour to bring forward Archangel Raphael’s message. His message is so potent and powerful as I know there is a mass calling for change. The fact that you’re even reaching out to the angels and connecting in with their energy shows just how ready you are.

You’ve got this, you’re amazing and you are every bit worth it.

Have a beautiful day!



~ Richelle

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