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Richelle Payer Akashic Records
Richelle Payer Akashic Records

“We are externally looking and seeking gratification but the journey is within, the discovery is within the self”

~ Dr. Shefali

The Akashic Records are an ever evolving archive that contain everything your soul has experienced in this lifetime or any other. They contain every detail down to the specifics of our thoughts, belief systems, events that have happened, celebrations and successes along the way alongside any traumas and triggers that keep us stuck. They give us deeper understanding and wisdom into our own journey and why we create certain circumstances in our lives that sometimes we quite frankly wish we didn’t.

Our beliefs shape how we show up to our lives. Have you ever stopped to think about what you believe in and why? Where did you learn it? Who taught you? As we live our lives our teachers, mentors, friends, family and society often teach us what to believe and think. It’s not until we take the time to stop and think if these beliefs are serving us.


Healing yourself allows you to remove the energy of fear that dulls the light of your soul from shining. When you heal through your Akashic Record you remember that the law of your soul is to shine brightly for other souls to see. Operating outside of this law stifles the growth of your soul and denies others the divine opportunity to experience the light which is you.”

~ Jennifer Longmore

By consciously choosing our beliefs instead of running on default we are able to show up more consciously and more powerfully. The gift of the Akashic Records is being able to access and shift those beliefs with ease and grace.

By opening up your Akashic Records we are able to dig through the layers to the root causes of those beliefs. The healing comes from realizing that you get to choose your thoughts and what you believe in. The awareness allows the transformation to take place. You get to release these traumas so that you can move forward in your life from a place of empowerment instead of passivity.

The possibility of healing is infinite as we go through the layers to reconnect you with the Divine Essence of who you are.


“A thought is just a thought and a thought can be changed”

~ Louise L. Hay

In our sessions you’ll bring any current life challenges and I will create a sacred container with your guides to explore the root causes and release any beliefs that are holding you back.


With each piece you release you reconnect to your true power.

Feeling a wholehearted yes?

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Working with Richelle truly has shifted my life in the most magnificent ways over the last year. Her ability to connect into divine energy and to do very crystal-clear readings of the Akashic records is honestly one of the most effective and beneficial methods for healing that I have had the opportunity to receive. I am a healer myself with clairvoyant abilities, and will say from healer to healer, that Richelle is a true and trustworthy conduit of the Divine. I would highly recommend her work to anyone who is looking for a big shift and clarity from a higher perspective. Thank you Richelle!

Lindsay Clark

Energy healer and life coach

Richelle truly has a beautiful and amazing gift to help you connect to the Angels, Light Workers and your highest and greatest self! She is a beautiful soul who can hold space so you can heal, in an environment that is like a warm hug. While I have know Richelle most of my life, I first started seeing Richelle as a client when I was temporarily off work on short term disability and going through the hardest time of my life. She created a space that was safe and warm and exactly what I needed to help change my life. She has gifted me with many energy healing ways as our sessions have ranged from Reiki, Angel Card Readings, singing Soul Songs, talking to me as a channel from my Guides and going into my Akashic Records. She has helped me find a grounding and spiritual place that has brought so much love to my life and soul and gifted me with with the tools to be a co-creator in my life. Thanks Richelle for your beautiful and amazing gifts that have been such a blessing in my life!

Nicole Stetz

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