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Shift Your Mindset

I am where I am. What I’m living is.
Improving our energy, improves our life down the road. What’s manifesting now, must manifest now because of the result of how you flowed earlier.
I flowed it so now I am living it.
If I flowed it, and I am irritated how I am living it, then I need to stand in the middle of what is and find a way to feel different about what is now.
What will be will change.”
~ Abraham Hicks

One of the biggest asks I have from my clients is for tools and techniques that will help them shift their mindset more rapidly.

What I am surprised with is the multitude of ways the guides suggest just how we can shift our thoughts, emotional and attitude, so if we reaaaally don’t want to sit down and meditate, there are plenty of other options.

Try these on for size next time the willy nilly negative feels come up and see what fits best for you. You might stick with one tried and true practice or play around.

***I also like to a do a check in with myself throughout the day, so I can catch something emerging early on and ‘deal with it’ right away. 

~ Look at Cute Animal Videos or Baby Animal Pics
For reals though… after a few moments of scrolling through, I can’t help but feel delighted.

~ Focus on your Breath
Bring your attention to the natural rise and fall and your breath and feel it come into the body and release, you will feel yourself drop into your body and come back to a place of peace.

~ Ask your Angels for Support
“Thank you angels and guides for showing me what I need to know and letting go of anything and everything that no longer serves me. Thank you for helping me return to a place of peace within my heart and surrender my monkey mind so I can realign to the truth of who I am and make a different choice”

~ Surrender
I have seriously laid in bed and repeated over and over, “I surrender, I surrender, I surrender” and find that it helps me every time.

~ Journal
Write it out. It will help you shift the energy from keeping it all in your head and having an output to write your thoughts in. It will clear up everything that’s been taking space and honour the parts of you that feel scared and want to be heard.

~ Listen to Music or Inspirational Talks
By putting on some of your favourite tunes and getting out of your head, it allows you to shift your vibration more quickly and with ease. Have you ever noticed if you’re really stuck in something the quiet that seems to be around it? You give yourself permission to process through it in a happy way, rather than the serious route it has been taking

~ Dance it out
This normally follows the music piece, though if I am really anchored in, I will force myself to get up and maybe start swaying and from there something seems to move and I will find myself having a full on dance party for one in my living room. To be honest, this one is sometimes hard for me since the seriousness of my belief patterns don’t like to have a full on party. Moving your body in general will help you move through the energies so if the gym or yoga is more your style, do what feels right for you.

~ Get Support
Can anyone say Akashic Record Party?
When I am really stuck in something and I find whatever I am trying isn’t working, I reach out to a friend or book myself in for a session. In truth I know that I am often too close to my really deeply embedded ‘stuff’ and need the support of someone else to help me through it. Whether you see a counsellor, get a massage or go to another type of therapy. Set an intention that you are giving yourself permission to work through it with ease, love and grace and show up. You’re worth it.
Plus I sometimes have to laugh at myself for how ‘in something’ I am, then 20 mins later am laughing and feeling like it was yesterday. Pretty phenomenal stuff.

~ Essential Oils and Smudging
Oils are made from the essence of plants and carry a high vibrational energy. I love to diffuse different scents depending upon my mood. Lavendar is great for relaxation and calm. Citrusy scents help elevate your moods and lighten up the spirit. Woodsy scents (fir is my absolute fav.) bring a source of comfort and warmth and Frankincense is a great overall wellness boost.
If you feel you need a bit more density to clear the energy smudging will be your best friend. Anytime I turn to my Palo Santo, I feel immediately cleansed and cleared out. Sage used to be my go to, though Palo Santo has taken center stage lately for me. Choose what you’e drawn to and which scent smells amazing. Your body knows what you need and neither one is better than the other, all plants are sacred and offer healing.

~ Go Outside and Play
Nature is a natural healer 😉. When you get yourself outside and into an open air environment it almost gives you more room to breathe. If being in a busy public space isn’t very endearing, then go sit amongst the trees. You an always find a little bit of nature, even in a concrete jungle. The plants and trees offer a love of love and support as do pigeons if you’re willing to see it.

Do you have a tried and true practice that always supports you?

I would love to know what it is and add it to my own roster.

Have a beautiful day!



~ Richelle

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