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Earth Day

The Divine Mother

My heart is yours as we dance within the night’s sky, softly and gently twirling around the stars; basking in the rays of the moon. The sun so graciously gifts us its light for all the world to see.
Together we twist and turn with every breath; dancing as one; side by side.
Our hearts beat together as I breathe you in, I feel your essence alive.
You have never left me alone, not even once,even when I’ve forgotten you.
Your humble heart radiates out, as a request for us to rediscover the path that leads right back to you.
Your gifts are gracious and grand, your generousity high, and you give and give without reprimand.
You are soft and supple, yet fiercely divine; the essence of the Divine Feminine.
You call us into our hearts through a stream of Divine Love and remind us of our Truth. You remind us of our own compassionate heart; mirroring back in the reflection of the waters that run through you.
Our barriers break down and soften in, as do our spirits fly.
You call us back in to the Truth of who we are, remembering we’re alive.

Thank you Beautiful Gaia for all that you do.
I am ever so grateful to you.



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