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Happy Holidays and Blessings to All!

The Angel Card for December is:

The World

The World Archangel Michael

What a beautiful card to end the year with. This card is from the Major Arcana (meaning big life changes) and symbolizes transformation within our personal lives along with career goals. It represents the graciousness of endings and beginnings and viewing them in a kind and loving way. It’s up to you to either bask in the beauty and perfection of where you are right now or you may find yourself eagerly awaiting the next journey.

The choice is yours.

This has been a powerful year of personal transitions and transformations, along with saying goodbye. Holding this feeling close to your heart, you may experience some grief when letting go of your story (victimhood), people in your life, jobs that are no longer supportive or any other unhealthy situations. It’s the perfect time to let it all go. Trust that you are divinely where you are meant to be and if you are hoping for even bigger changes….all you have to do is ask! Ask the angels for support, they would LOVE to be in service.

There is a sense of magic within this card with the twinkling lights, the elements and seasons along with the effervescent glow around Michael.

Archangel Michael is inviting you to take a moment and sit with this card and bring your attention to your breath. While I was writing, he guided me to listen to this beautiful piece of music to go along with the process, I encourage you to try it! (You may want to find a comfortable space to sit down and relax while doing so.)

The World is the last Major Arcana within the deck and it’s the perfect way to bring closure to the year. The angels are guiding me to tell you that it’s important to focus on your dreams right now. What would you love your life to look like? Bring yourself back to this intention daily and really allow yourself to feel what it would be like. What changes do you really want to see in the upcoming year? Allow yourself to play and have fun with this, even if you don’t know ‘how’.

It’s also important to reflect on where you were at this time last year. Are you happy with how everything has manifested? What would you do differently? I would encourage you to journal while doing this and allow any feelings that want to come up to do so.  Also remember to make some time for yourself over this busy time of year, self care is a must!

I wish you all an incredible holiday season and hope that it’s filled with lots of love, laughter and connection.  Allow yourself to be present and enjoy the company of those who surround you. Take the time to let them know how much you love and appreciate them. We all can use extra love from time to time.

Wishes of Peace, Love and Blessings


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