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I was ready to expand my business and I decided to rent an office space part time; slowly making the transition out of my home. I was working there 2-3 days a week and loved it. It had a good vibe, was beautifully crafted, just off the sea wall and close to home. The owner had put so much love into the space and I felt it was a great first step in moving forward.

After being there for a few months, something strange started to happen; my clients were booking around the healing space in order to come to my home. I kept hearing, “It feels so good!” “I love coming to your place, I feel like I can relax and let go”,“I will wait for your next appointment, I don’t mind.” I was paying for a space my clients didn’t want to use AND were going out of their way to work around.

It had me thinking, what’s going on? Then it dawned on me, even though I work out of this gorgeous space, it’s not mine. It had been beautifully crafted, though not by me. Each touch and detail felt aligned, though at the end of the day, it was infused with someone else’s’ energy.

I never thought what I did was special; creating space  always came so naturally to me.


When clients would come to my home, I would energize and transform the space to make sure it was perfect for them. I used crystals and statues, flowers and card decks. I would light candles and diffuse oils; blends that were handcrafted just for them. I always had the kettle on for fresh tea and would intuitively check to see if there was anything else they would need.

Sometimes even the slightest adjustment to a crystal would send a powerblast of love around the room; Sacred Creation at it’s best.


I love doing this, it make sense to me. It wasn’t until I shifted my sessions from in person to over phone, when I found out that most of my clients felt like they couldn’t create this space for themselves. They were scared of losing the support they felt by just being in my home. Held in a sacred safe container.


So how does one create a Sacred Space for themselves?;

Step 1

The most important step, above all else;

Setting Your Intention.

This is key. Anything else that comes after this is a bonus. If you are clear that your intention is to create a safe and sacred space; it can’t help but ‘fall in line’ and create the energetics to do so.

I talk to the space (I mean.. Hey, I talk to angels, so why not my home?) to let it know what I am going to do and ask it to continually cleanse, clear and purify the area so it is free from any and all interference or distractions. I ask that it is comfy and cozy and fit for a queen. I ask that the space continues to evolve to meet my needs and is in alignment to the Divine Sacred Flow to bring Infinite Blessings.

I always know this space is my sacred chamber and held in alignment to my Highest Light and Order and Greatest Good, ( and in accordance with my Divine Soul Blueprint and the Essence of All of Who I Am). I ask that the Keeper’s of Light oversee this space and invite any and all Angels and Guides to come forward in alignment to my Highest and Greatest Good; holding this space in Divine Love and with Divine Integrity. I asked it to be infused with Honour, Compassion, Playfulness, Humour, Ease and Grace and that it feels so good; I just can’t help but want to stay in the space.  I ask that It feels like a home within a home, a heartbeat held for me. A Divine Sacred Container that is Beautifully crafted specifically for me.

As you can see, I am quite detailed with my intentions, so you can also start off by saying, “I am creating a sacred space”  and that will work perfectly.

In addition, I ask Archangel Michael to oversee this container and make sure it is properly protected so I am safe to show up however I need.

This may sound like a lot, though once you are clear on what area of your home you want to create your space within, it will all easily flow and expand from there.

Step 2

  Private space that is free from distractions. Somewhere you can cry and laugh, get angry or express any feelings that emerge without feeling like someone can pop in at any moment and pull you out of your process. Give yourself permission to keep this space clean and tidy so it feels fresh and that you want to go in there.

Step 3

Divine Add On’s to Make Your Space Feel Wonderful

  •  Visualize beautiful shields of light to infuse your space with love and protection.
  •  Cleanse the area with palo santo, sage or an aura spray
  •  Call in Angels, Archangels, Master’s, Saints, Prophets, Guides and Beings of the Highest Light and Truth that you Love
  •  Fluffy blankets and pillows so it feels extra cozy
  •  A chair or space that you can sink into and relax 
  •  Crystals
  •  Water fountain
  •  Plants that are vibrant and healthy
  •  Essential oils with a Diffuser radiating your favourite scents
  •  Have a tea by your side in a mug that you love and a glass of water waiting so you won’t need to ‘break the seal’
  •  Have a Journal so vibrant you can’t help but pick it up with a pen beside that writes beautifully
  •  Candles lit
  •  Statues and artwork that inspire you
  •  Books that you love and bring joy when you see them
  •  Twinkle Lights
  •  Stuffed Animals or toys that make you ‘Light up’ when you see them
  •  Salt Lamps that create a warm and welcoming glow
  •  Fresh cut flowers
  •  Music, meditations and nature sounds playing in the background
  •  Singing bowls, mala’s, chimes, sacred tools, or anything you feel you need for support
  •  Beautiful scarves to place on tables or over chairs
  •  Anything that sparks joy in you and feels right


Keep in mind this can be an evolving process, it doesn’t have to be 100% perfect in order to start. Choose one thing and go from there, you’ve got this!

So what if I share a space with my roomates?

Find an area of your bedroom that you can dedicate as your space. It could even be right beside your bed where you keep a crystal and your journal. Allow youself to get creative and visualize where you would go if sh*t hits the fan. Where would you feel most comfortable being yourself and expressing your needs?

What if my house is messy all the time?

Find one area of your home that you can dedicate to keep clean. If you commit to keeping this one space clean, it will allow you to go there when you feel overwhelmed and relax. Even if there’s a pile of clothes in the other side of the room; remember it’s progress not perfection. You’re worth creating this space; regardless what the rest of the house looks like.

What if I really can’t find a space that works in my home?

Find a park or a forest where you can go to and relax. Sit by the water or even in your car. The physical space will reveal itself to you, you just have to claim that this is what you want and go from there.

I see clients in my home and feel like I can’t clear the energy once their gone

Before your clients come over, ask that anything and everything they bring with them is removed and released effective immediately after the session with love, ease and grace. Ask that your space holds them in a sacred shield of light so they may benefit and recieve all that is within their highest and greatest good during the time they’re there. Though once the session is complete, your space returns to the vibrancy and frequency that is aligned for you, your intention and your Highest and Greatest Good; removing and releasing anything and everything that no longer serves and is in the way of claiming your intention.

So, what touches could you add that would make your space feel extra special?

Let me know if there is something you do that’s not on the list! I love hearing all the ways other people have learned to create a sacred container for themselves.

Have a Beautiful Day,


~ Richelle


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