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Richelle Payer

 Break the Cycle.
Reclaim Your Power.
Transform Your Life.


Guess what?

Life can be beautiful.
You work so hard to just get through the day, you wonder if you’re actually living.
“Will life will always be this way?”
“Is this really it?”

You’re ready to feel good and on track, and let go of everything that’s holding you back.
“But wait… How exactly do I do that?”
Transforming you, one Intuitive Soul Session at a time.

Your Soul’s ready to wake from its slumber and reveal the Power within you. It’s time to break the cycle, release the chains and transform your day to day.

Are you ready to reclaim your life?

I’m Richelle, your Sacred Guide and Intuitive Channel. Together, we’ll walk side by side to reveal your Soul’s Truth and clear the internal clutter away. Want to hear the fantastic news? You don’t have to do this alone anymore.  It’s time to step off the negative hamster wheel living in your head and flip the switch on your life. By getting curious and taking action, you become open to shifting your perspective and make time to choose yourself first. It’s time for you to say yes to reclaiming your Power, knowing you are worthy of all the love that’s yours by divine birthright.

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I never experienced akashic record healing before coming to Richelle, but when someone recommended I try akashic record readings I knew exactly who to go to! Richelle’s energy is pure. She is a clear channel. She speaks from her soul which is sweet, kind and she has an ethereal quality like no other. Her beauty radiates into all she does and beauty is who she is. Each session I feel held with absolute compassion, non-judgment and love. I was blown away by our first session together. I continue to be stunned by what she reveals to me about myself each time. The changes I have experienced as a result of working with her include the gift of having my body and mind finally be in sync. I can feel my feelings. Yessssss! Thank you Richelle for being who you are – a loving, kind, generous soul who speaks like an angel and is a clear channel for divine guidance. Thank you for the gift of healing you offer the world. I recommend Richelle to everyone I know because I believe wholeheartedly in and have experienced the healing power of her gifts.

Alanna Gillis

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