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Richelle Payer Feng Shui Your Life


Feng Shui in the Membrane, Feng Shui in the Brain!

January 1st, 2020 – March 28th 2020

Everything you experience in your life, is a peek into your internal world.

Your belief systems, traumas, ancestral lineage, psychic debris, societal, imprinting, religious programming and past life interferences can make it feel impossible to put down the struggle and find your way.

All of your lives experiences can leave you feeling helpless and overwhelmed and ready to walk away. Though Feng Shui Your Life is a great starting point to to look at each area, how it effects another and give you the power to break the cycle, reclaim you power and transform.

Feng Shui traditionally is the art of consciously arranging your home so you create a seamless flow for wealth, health and happiness to live a prosperous life. We’re flipping the traditional script and going inside to create the outward change you want to see happen for 2021.

So… what’s this program all about?

Each week, we’ll focus on one specific quadrant of the Bagua and take you on an Akashic Journey to declutter, clean and re-arrange your internal world. Diving Deep into the Akashic Records each week as a group, we will be guided to uncover any stuck and stagnant energy that we’ve been holding onto. This can range from belief systems and trauma’s including past life interference. Anything and everything that is in your way of aligning to the greatest version of yourself. In addition, each week the guides will come forward for some extra energetic support, along with alchemical essential oils blends for physical, mental, emotional and spiritual healing. The essential oils are not a requirement for this program, more of an added bonus of support. You will also be added into a Private Forum so you can instantly access the group content, share your experiences and questions and receive support from myself and other members in the group.

Each quadrant acts as an overview for the prominent areas of our lives, which allows us to clear out all the internal channels and realign you to your most vibrant life. This creates a strong foundational base for you to move forward feeling more confident and aligned in your day to day life.

9 Quadrants

• Career & Life Path
• Health and Wellbeing
• Fame and Reputation
• Abundance and Wealth
• Family and Harmony
• Knowledge and Self Cultivation
• Helpful People and Travel

• Creativity and Children

• Love, Marriage and Relationships

Richelle Payer Feng Shui Your Life

How do I know feng shui your life is for me? 

Wanting to amp up your life and feel like you don’t know how.
Hiding from others in order to feel safe.
Feel overwhelmed and undervalued
Constantly anxious and feel like there’s something you just can’t shake off.
Repeating patterns over and over again, hoping for a different result.
Focusing on all the things you don’t have.
Desire deeper connections and meaningful relationships
Searching for a greater purpose in life.
Wishing other people would change to make life easier.
Just wanting to be accepted for who you are.

How will this effect my Life?

• Vitality, vibrancy; A foundational restart

• Clarity and connection

• Energy to last you through the day

• healthier relationships

• Confidence in making Decisions and Choices; You’ve got this!

• Feel Lighter and Brighter Each Day

• Go to work knowing you’re on track

• Feeling fulfilled, ‘full’ and nourished 

• Freedom to create and play

• Ease in letting go and letting in

• Making yourself priority (and knowing it to be true)

• Playful, fun expansive possibilities in letting life co-create with you

Your 9 week intensive will be an accelerated group program where you’ll receive:

**bonus** Launch Call to start your new year with intention and focus

Weekly akashic record group healings 

Guided Ascended Master Support for each week

recordings of each call so you can catch up on your replay’s


**bonus** Interactive 90 min group call to celebrate the end

Your Investment:

One Payment of

Three Payments of

VIP Package

Includes Additional: 

personal Feng Shui Grid 2021 ($550 USD)
 4 Akashic Record Soul Sessions (reg $1332 USD)
Direct Access to me Via Telegram (Priceless)

One Payment of

Three Payments of

***Additional Add On***
I ‘ll be offering limited amounts of Auric Sprays to support you during our process.
I’ve created each blend to purify and revivify your auric field, and support your transition of letting go, while calling in your highest aligned path. Each spray retails for $44 USD and is only available for purchase if you’ve signed up.

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