Imagine this….

You sink into a hot tub overlooking the ocean and soak up all the beauty your Divine Soul has called in. You’ve been worked over, but in the best way possible and all you feel is freedom, expansion, joyful connection and love in your Heart.

You emerge restored and rejuvenated as you step back into the world after a magnificent weekend of Soul Sister Connection, Deep Soul Nourishment and Cellular Rejuvenation. You feel more ‘You’ than you have in a long time and you’re excited for all the possibilities that appear on the horizon for you to see. You leave knowing you’ve been transformed; knowing just how Radiant and Divine you are and knowing that you can do anything.

Welcome to The Divine Divinity Retreat

(where the Heart, Body and Soul meet)
November 9th-11th, 2018

We get so wrapped up in day-to-day tasks of doing and outputting that we often deplete our resources without restoring them. Things that used to feel easy and effortless, all of a sudden become a challenge as we trudge through the mud day in and day out, without an end in sight. We know there’s more for us, but we feel lost and confused. We don’t trust our intuition to lead us out, so we keep doing what we’ve been doing, hoping for a different result. In truth; we don’t trust ourselves. We don’t trust that we will make the right aligned choices and take the right aligned actions, so we end up circling and stagnating and each day becomes more difficult to get through. You feel frustrated and tired and you keep wondering what exactly the next step is to break the cycle: This is where Divine Divinity is waiting for you.

Over our weekend together you will receive nourishment on all levels so you can come back home to your heart, reignite the fire within and rise from the ashes. When we restore our Divine Soul Blueprint and activate the Goddess within, we can’t help but feel restored to our most vibrant self. We get intuitive hits that are so strong, we can’t help but listen and we embody all the confidence we need to set out in a new direction. It may be even the most subtle of shifts, though just one pebble thrown into a pond creates a massive ripple effect.

When you embody the Goddess, you hold yourself differently out in the world. Your presence lights up the room and you seem to connect with who you are divinely meant to. You take action without hesitation when you’re tapped back into your Divine flow, so you know exactly what it is that you need to do, where it is that you need to be and what next steps you need to take to get you there.

We all know the word ‘Goddess’ comes with its preconceived notions of Aphrodite sitting naked in a clam shell, having sex freely while being fed grapes by naked men fanning her…I mean to some that sounds like the perfect life experience, though to others, it makes them curl up in a ball and want to hide away. Though what if the Goddess within has absolutely nothing to do with the perception of being someone else and everything to do with stepping into You and your Power?

Stepping into your Goddess energy isn’t about trying on another hat to see if it fits, it’s restoring the Divine Goddess who’s already within you and all that you’re meant to be. So whether you identify as a Lioness, Earthess, Goddess, Fae, Angelic Light, High Priestess, Glorious Mermaid or any of the other infinite possibilities of who the Goddess can be, in Truth; the Goddess is you. It is your essence. Your Divine Divinity.


Sounds amazing doesn’t it?

What can I expect over the Divine Divinity weekend?

This weekend will be filled with juicy activations and restorative support for you to surrender and let go of anything and everything that’s no longer serving you. Julie and Richelle compliment each other beautifully as both their gifts and presence allow you to reconnect to the essence of yourself while nourishing your body, heart and soul on all levels.

Julie will take you through gentle and restorative yoga sequences that will connect you to the essence of your physical body while using Pranayama techniques to bring your awareness to the Divine.

Richelle will guide you through the layers of your Soul through Angelic Restoration, Akashic Record Activations and a Divine Divinity Attunement to align and connect you back to the Divine Frequency of your heart.

Both of these Goddesses are co-creating with you and the collective energy over the weekend to make sure you’re fully supported.

What’s Included In Your Retreat

2 nights at Halfmoon Haven Retreat with shared accommodation
Welcome Dinner on Friday Night
3 meals on Saturday
Breakfast and Lunch on Sunday
Snacks available at any time
Opening and Closing Goddess Circles and Ceremonies
Yoga upon Awakening

Pranayama Meditations (Breath of Life)
Divine Divinity Activations
Angelic Soul Restorations
Akashic Record Ascension
Personal time to reflect, journal, read and connect with Nature
Use of inhouse spa services (hot tub, steam room and sauna)
Connection with Soul Sisters

Reserve Your Space

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**$300 non-refundable deposit

The Sacred Space

Halfmoon Haven is located on one of the most secluded beaches on the Sunshine Coast: Welcome Beach. Just 2 hours from Vancouver, this magnificent property is situated on a sandy beach in a sheltered bay, facing the Pacific Ocean with incredible views of the Gulf Islands.

You feel the sacred ancestry of the land as soon as you arrive, easing any tensions you may have.

With tropical landscaping, beach chairs, a therapeutic hot tub overlooking the ocean; Halfmoon Haven offers all the guests a rare opportunity to truly relax and rejuvenate Sunshine Coast style.

Ocean view’s by day; Sunset and stargazing by night; it’s a retreat within itself.

Meet Your Guides

Julie will be taking you to thru Hatha/Yin/Restorative yoga sequences and breathing exercises that will bring you to the awareness and the essence of your physical body. Controlled breathing has immense benefits. Your ability to breathe is essential to our whole being: it is responsible for the way we eat, drink, communicate and regulate your body functions. And, breathing is the most important tool for the rise of consciousness within the body.
The Yoga will focus on the slow, patient, opening of the fascial layer of your body. The fascia is the connective tissue that underlies the skin, wraps the muscles and holds the bones together. This practice will expand your awareness, invite you to stillness, contemplation and introspection.
​We will create a sacred and safe environment for you to enter a state of profound relaxation and restoration (reach the parasympathetic system); to relieve stress and anxiety; to help you stretch your body, allow fluidity of movement, releasing any tensions you may have, so you can allow yourself to dive in and dig deep. and make this special moment even more sacred.

Richelle will be guiding you through the etheric layers of your Soul to reconnect and reignite your Divine flame within. Her ability to connect with the Angels and Guides is phenomenal as she effortlessly brings messages and transmissions through that are grounded, supportive, loving and kind and always from the highest plain of existence.

Over the weekend you will experience multiple layers of healing through the Akashic Record’s that will bring in the Divine Divinity Restoration and Activation, while restoring your Divine Soul Blueprint. During the process you can release traumas, stagnant energy, deep seeded wounding, transgenerational programing and any beliefs that have been holding you back.

Richelle will also bring forward the Angelic and Ascended Masters Love and Support to infuse you with the most magnificent Love over the weekend in a safe and sacred container. It is possible to heal and transform in a loving, easy, benevolent way and to do it all easily and effortlessly if you allow it to be.

Limited Spaces Available. Reserve Yours Today.

One Payment of

Three Payments of

**$300 non-refundable deposit

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