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Richelle Payer Bridal Support Marriage
Richelle Payer Bridal Support Marriage

Are you a bride-to-be ready to receive the best love, wisdom and support so that your wedding day and your marriage is created with the highest intentions?

When you actually take the time to sit down and think about how you want your day to go, you get to co-create the magic and give yourself the opportunity to show up in your Highest Intent. When you can get clear about what you really want, it gives gives you the power to release the fear and chaos that will show up.

I was married this past summer and let me tell you, if it wasn’t for the incredible support of my own mentor/healer I’m not sure if I would have made it through.

Getting married is an incredible gift, we get to choose who we spend our life with, a commitment to this divine soul that enriches our lives in ways beyond imagination. It’s a massive gift that celebrates your love, your life and your relationship.

Now that we’ve covered the beautiful aspect of this;

let’s get real.

All of your shit, is going to come out in one way or another and you will need support during this time. Things that seem meaningless will all of a sudden have great value.

  • You will find yourself having breakdowns over the tiniest things and life will throw you curve balls that you never even saw coming.
  • Your family issues will arise and opinions will be offered that will trigger you at a soul level.
  • You will find yourself feeling vulnerable in this world that is brand new to you, and, as no bride or groom has ever done this before (unless this is a 2nd, 3rd, 4th or 5th marriage).
  • You will be bombarded with checklists and articles about how you should act and show up.
  • There will be an increased focus on what you look like, not to mention tons of suggestions on what your beauty and exercise regime should be.

As a result it will make you feel like you need to morph into an entirely new person in order to have a perfect day rather than keeping the focus on the most important thing:

you and your partner

As an example: I had a complete meltdown over our guestbook and how it was to be presented. All of a sudden this conversation that should be seemingly normal, transformed into one that felt like the end of the world was coming and actually – it was here.

My accumulation of stress and attention to the tiniest details had me place incredible meaning onto something that all of a sudden held such great power. This was ‘the book’ that was to hold our vault of memories. I wanted spontaneity and fun. I wanted it to capture my guests, their essence and their love – it had to be presented PERFECTLY!!! That’s a lot of power for a tiny little book to have (not to mention we also had a photographer for this reason).

When I finally emerged from the ugly cry (we’re talking lots of tears and a very drippy nose), I was curious as to what this was all about.

I realized that our day was approaching faster than imagined and I wasn’t feeling like my most beautiful self. I was nervous about being ‘on stage’ and having all the focus and love directed towards us. I was going through a wave of emotions and felt this weird sense of guilt and responsibility for all of our guests. I wanted them to have a good time, to feel loved and appreciated. I didn’t want them to feel obligated or put out by our venue choice. I wanted them to love me, and not judge me. I wanted to feel safe. I was trying to control everything – even the uncontrollable. I was deflecting how vulnerable I was feeling and it all came crashing down over what you would think would be a simplistic conversation about a guestbook.

Who knew there could be so much to a guestbook?

I know weddings feel expensive already, so why would you need another expense on top of everything else?

Your peace of mind. So Worth It!

Imagine going into your big day, completely pissed off at your Mom or Sister for saying something out of turn. How about a bridesmaid who isn’t showing up the way you want her to and you’re feeling a disconnect in your relationship.

What if you’re feeling exhausted and upset with your Groom for not taking initiative or doing anything (though when in reality you told him not to worry about it, and took on all the projects yourself because, duh! you’re a perfectionist and only you can do it right.)

We’ll dive deep into the mixed bag of emotions to uncover the truth of what’s really going on. We’ll heal and transform these feelings from an energetic standpoint so you no longer react to the trigger that invoked the emotion in the first place.

You’ll be more clear, connected and grounded.

You’ll feel lighter, brighter and tapped into what truly matters – your heart, your truth and your power. (Not to mention you will be able to enjoy the journey and have more serenity and fun along the way – umm YAY!)

Are you ready to set your bridal journey and your marriage on a path of success,  joy and peace?

Book your 30min complimentary call here and we’ll explore how this 6 month program will best support you.

What if I am not getting married and want to work with you?

Wonderful! You can see my other offerings here.

Not ready for the deep dive but would love to have me at your Stagette for readings?

Send me a message here to book your complimentary 15 min consult.

Working with Richelle was unlike anything I’d ever had before. I’ll be honest, I found myself closed off to the magic of angels before… they never really resonated for me personally, and most of the readers I knew who worked with them tended to be quite “up there” and I appreciate a more pragmatic approach – even when talking about the spirit realm.

This is exactly what I found in connecting with Richelle. She is so grounded, even while talking about heavenly affairs, and is so clear with the messages she channels. She is really down to earth and shares her insight as a friend which makes the whole process really easy to receive. She helped me understand aspects of my family dynamic that I’d been unaware were even present, and it really transformed how I show up with my loved ones.

I can’t recommend her enough. Her wisdom and sweet demeanour will make the guidance she channels easy to understand and implement, and you will feel so supported along the way.   

Seryna Myers

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